Orchestra Made Easy
Orchestra services guide you through the technology and its many opportunities for business, innovation and creativity. We have a professional team to help your company plan, develop and successfully run IoE projects.
Strategy & Design

We help your company envision new possibilities, define unique use cases and design a business plan for innovation and customer experience in your venue.

Development & Launch

We work with you to test ideas, implement pilot projects and build fully functional networks. Our expertise covers everything you need to create connected experiences that work.


Our team integrates your business systems with Orchestra APIs. And let you easily get data to and from any existing platform. We integrate CRM, internal databases or email, so you can use your data exactly how you need it.


We know that companies are unique in their needs and requests, that's why we are always ready for training and maintenance.

The real world is your domain
Our suite of SDKs, APIs, and data products comes with the documentation, recipes and support whenever you need it.
We're dedicated to keeping Orchestra fresh. Continuously updating, integrating new tools and technologies, and adding surprising features to your dashboard.

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