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We are building a modular and flexible platform that can adapt to your needs. With Orchestra you can customize and create role-specific dashboards and unlock the full potential of data in your venue.

Know & communicate with your customers
IoE Marketer

Orchestra enables your marketing and location analytics to empower¬†each other. Answer visitors’ needs or anticipate it with new services and experiences.

Orchestra is the way to reach the customers at the right time with a relevant mobile in-store experience.

See what's going on in your venue
IoE Manager

Similar to website analytics, location analytics tell you how people browse your physical space. So that you can spot opportunities, forsee problems and make better decisions.


Orchestra also integrates with internal systems, such as CRM and PoS. And combines them into clear analytics on your visitors, including those who don’t connect to WiFi.

Monitor & control your location in real time
IoE Maker

Your venue is capable of providing valuable information such as location, movement, status, etc. These are bits of data that without manual input can inform connected processes in real time.


Orchestra IoT tool let you create automated workflows by wiring together devices, APIs and online services. So IF something happens THEN machines know what to do.

Get Just What You Need
Choose the features that are right for you and mix and match it with what you've got already in place. Orchestra meets your business requests, works with your IT infrastructure, and integrates your tools and data sources. Hassle-free.
Customer profile

Name, age, gender, origin, email, social network
Demographics clustering
Visit Frequency & Duration
Engagement over time

Registration & Identification

Free WiFi with social log-in
Customer Identification & Welcoming
Staff Push Notification
WiFi engagement

Mobile Engagement

Email marketing,
In app Notification (coupons, promotions, vouchers)
Product communication (Images, Videos,
Ratings & Reviews)


Captive portal and landing page customization
Predefined Clustering
Drag&drop Templates
In-store Digital Screen Automation


Total visits time-line
New vs. repeated visits
Cross-location visits
Store front walk-bys
Street-to-store conversion rate
Peak & off-peak hours


Real-time location status
Zone occupancy
Browsing path
Average dwell time per area
Influence (traffic, weather ond cross-location analytics)


Machines, devices & hardware
Locations & geo-fences
Visitors, customers & employees
Social networks
Digital services

Workflow Creation

Drag&drop visual wiring (If-then-else)
Alerts & message notifications
Status & condition check
Rule definition & workflow creation

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