Compare the performance of your stores across cities or countries to define chain-wide strategy.


Discover how space layout, design, merchandising and staffing affect your revenue.


Measure storefront potential and improve window design.


Optimize staffing schedules and routine operational tasks based on data and real world A/B testing.


Customize the content of digital signage based on customer profile or nearby items.


Create interactive multi-screen shopping experiences in store.


Identify your loyal customers when they come back to any one of your stores and activate location-based loyalty rewards.



Give your guests the WiFi access they expect, while obtaining branding and location based marketing capabilities.


Welcome your guests through your branded wifi captive portal and invite them to download your app.


Create mobile apps with location based notifications that inspire tourists to explore everything your facility has to offer.


Partner with local businesses to drive traffic to their businesses.


Empower your staff with gusts knowledge so they can assist tourists anywhere in your facility.


Increase security with no effort.


Tag supermarket trolley with RFID and with the help of beacons collect data to analyze the shopping process.


Control rotation of products on shelves and set restocking alerts.


Measure customer response to promotions, changes in location, layout, and other initiatives.


Discover peak hours and seasonal patterns.


Provide location-aware mobile apps to help customers quickly find the merchandise they’re looking for – and discover new products and services along the way.


Send notifications according to customer location, habits, preferences, presence of allergic components, etc.


Customize the content of digital signage based on the viewers’ profile.


Compare performance of each tenant to plan store positioning and layout in your mall.


Measure the impact of urban improvement projects.


Connect street lights or irrigation systems and make them weather adaptive.


Optimize the trash collection routes with smart rubbish level detection in containers.


Track pedestrian and vehicle movements to obtain valuable data for urban design and city improvement projects.


Detect parking-space availability in the city or parking lots and guide citizens’ cars to free spots with push notifications.


See where people spend time and what they interact with.


Discover frequented areas, bottlenecks or neglected areas that need attention.


Improve art displacement or space layout.


Monitor conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) inside museums and art warehouses.


Monitor vibrations and material conditions in historical monuments.


Monetize your digital space by attracting sponsorships.


Automatically push in depth information and relevant content about art pieces to visitor’s devices or to your digital signages.


Collect data from various parts of the network: station, platform, ticket office, gates, waiting areas, etc.


Understand how many people there are in each train carriage and how they are moving around.


Track status of critical machines and receive alerts for faults or obstacles. Reduce the likelihood of major incidents.


Push relevant real-time information to passengers through a smartphone journey-planning app, send advice on what carriage to join or where to stand on the platform to position themselves for a swift exit at their destination.


Enable Interactive navigation and wayfinding. Include points of interest throughout the space and serve users personalized content and promotions based on where they are.


Integrate innovative ticketing, cashless payments and payment processing based on location or activity duration.


Control access to different areas. And reallocate resources and security guards in real time.


Enable live participant interaction, location based forums, crowd voting, etc..


Enhance experience before, during and after events by improving information availability.


Gather information about participants and measure actual engagement and ROI.


Predict and exploit waiting time in queues.


See where people are in real time and what their path look like, so you can plan better next time or on the go!


Develop innovative multi-channel services.


Improve customer experience and loyalty with personalized services.


Empower your staff with real time information and notifications about customers’ history.


Enhance operational safety.


Optimize staff shifts efficiency.


Track patient with special needs and set alarms and notifications for their caregiver.


Deploy a complete mobile experience for patients. Provide live indoor navigation, hospital directories and other helpful notifications.


Provide role-based view into key indicators, while also allowing access to correlated data in order to diagnose problems more quickly and improve performance.


Track vital equipments in real time.


Measure waiting time in emergency rooms.


Improve information sharing.


Leverage all data and insights that a simple WiFi connection can offer you.


Use presence and movement data to optimize temperature and air-conditioning and reduce energy consumption.


Manage guests and clients’ reception process smoothly and seamlessly. Assign parking space, notify employees and reserve a free meeting room. All with no human intervention.


Manage conference rooms and free spots dynamically and in real time.


Set upload, download, time-out, and speed limits.


Get an instant snapshot of building condition and keep track of energy consumptions.


Manage and monitor smart metering and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning).


Create machine to machine workflows. Set up regular, preventive status control and automatic alerts for maintenance operations.


Automate smart lighting according to the presence of people and external conditions such as weather.


Control access to restricted areas and detect presence in non-authorized areas.


Understand connections among people, places and events in order to anticipate their trajectories, act effectively and increase security in your venue.


Set up automatic control of goods on shelves and in magazine to optimize restocking processes.


Improve inventory management with employee tracking, task prioritization and instant product location.


Aggregate and contextualize data from isolated silos, manufacturing systems and assets.


Monitor real-time environmental and machinery status in real time for vibration, over-heating, etc..


Get notified for In-stock status and when items are moved in or out.

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